Intermediate: ToDo Task Scheduler in Huawei Mobile Service Based Android App


In this article, I will create a ToDo Task Scheduler android application in which I will integrate HMS Core kits such as Huawei ID, Crash and Analytics. User can create task and scheduled on priority based with date and time.

Huawei ID Service Introduction

Huawei ID login provides you with simple, secure, and quick sign-in and authorization functions. Instead of entering accounts and passwords and waiting for authentication, users can just tap the Sign in with HUAWEI ID button to quickly and securely sign in to your app with their HUAWEI IDs.


1. Huawei Phone EMUI 3.0 or later.

2. Non-Huawei phones Android 4.4 or later (API level 19 or higher).

3. HMS Core APK or later

4. Android Studio

5. AppGallery Account

App Gallery Integration process

  1. Sign In and Create or Choose a project on AppGallery Connect portal.

2. Navigate to Project settings and download the configuration file.

3. Navigate to General Information, and then provide Data Storage location.

App Development

  1. Create A New Project.

2. Configure Project Gradle.

3. Configure App Gradle.

4. Configure AndroidManifest.xml.

5. Create Activity class with XML UI.


App Build Result

Tips and Tricks

Identity Kit displays the HUAWEI ID registration or sign-in page first. The user can use the functions provided by Identity Kit only after signing in using a registered HUAWEI ID.


In this article, we have learned how to integrate Huawei ID in Android application. After completely read this article user can easily implement HMS Based Kits in ToDo Task Scheduler with time and date details of android application.

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